The missing link for reversing global warming

Open source and holistic carbon removal accounting

Nature-based Solutions

$10.1 trillion in annual business value

37% of necesarry climate solutions

3% of climate funding

Nature-based solutions could generate up to $10.1 trillion in annual business value, create 395 million jobs and provide 37% of the necessary climate solutions by 2030. Yet, nature-based solutions receive only 3% of climate funding. How can we bridge this massive gap?

Accounting for natural carbon removal

While carbon removal demand is growing rapidly, carbon accounting mechanisms are failing. Tons of flawed, cheap credits are used for offsetting and greenwashing: only 7% of regular UN certified credits are actually additional — in other words, truly effective for the climate. Carbon accounting systems are too closed, complex and narrow to effectively support nature-based solutions. 

That’s why the Climate Cleanup Foundation and partners are developing an Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting standard — Oncra. This is the systemic missing link.

New revenue stream for climate innovators

Oncra makes selling and buying certificates for natural carbon removal as open, simple and holistic as possible. We enable climate innovators to improve their business case by regenerating our planet.


Our frameworks, calculation sheets and models will all be open source and open access. The created carbon credits will be registered in a distributed ledger, independently governed and owned by all participants in a carbon commons.



In a community of practice we unite scientists, policy makers, accountants and entrepreneurs to develop a lightweight yet comprehensive carbon accounting methodology. By streamlining the accounting process, capital flows directly to nature-based solutions.



By incorporating Doughnut Economics, we account for all social, environmental and economic risks and benefits. The additional benefits, like biodiversity and livelihood improvements, act as a multiplier in the carbon credit price, to reward true regeneration.

Why a LifeLab? 

The Oncra LifeLab is a social lab on the development of a natural carbon removal accounting system to reverse global warming. Social labs are platforms to tackle complex challenges and wicked problems, rooted in a prototyping paradigm (experiment-to-learn) instead of a strategic planning paradigm (analyse-to-predict). The Oncra LifeLab demonstrates our work in progress, meaning it’s permantly in beta. 

Our carbon accounting portfolio

There are multiple scalable natural climate solutions that all require different accounting systems. We tackle these projects one by one.  


Regenerative agriculture

Seaweed cultivation

Enhanced rock weathering

Bio-based building

Creating systemic interventions

Finding leverage points

We operate through interventions, as in the current chaotic times of complex systemic change, chances to hit leverage points will reveal themselves in unexpected ways.