Interventions to develop the natural carbon removal sector

Why we work in interventions

We operate through interventions, as in the current chaotic times of complex systemic change, chances to hit leverage points will reveal themselves in unexpected ways. Interventions can be projects, publications, collaborations, movies, court cases; whatever it takes. As long as it serves the swift development of the business of natural carbon removal as a sector. 

Intervention #1

Building materials impact tool

Together with the Province of South-Holland and Holland Houtland we’ve created a tool that aids decision-makers with the best scientific evidence and the latest Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data to easily compare scenarios of the impact of different building materials.

Intervention #2

Co-creating nature in West-Friesland

Climate Cleanup seeks and supports people and initiatives working on scalable natural climate solutions within West-Friesland and Hollandse Kroon. Three of these initiatives can receive a contribution of $15k donated to Climate Cleanup from a Microsoft Community Engagement fund. 

Intervention #3

Holistic carbon farming credits

In a collaborative effort, wij.landboerderij de Eenzaamheid and Climate Cleanup account for the added value of regenerative agriculture. After a holistic assesment, carbon certificates help farmers create new innovative and regenerative business models.